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Robin L. Bishop

Loving design and fashion at an early age, this New Orleans Native knew Design was her future. It began as a simple love and dream at Louisiana Tech University where she studied business, then quickly became the foundation of a strong career path. After living over seas in Yokosuka Japan and falling in love with how they took small spaces and created so many innovative ideas, she decided to follow her dream and received a degree in Interior Design. Robin completed an internship with River Oaks Design, which turned into a full time position. After leaving River Oaks Design with best wishes, she went on her own and incorporated her travels and influences with her love for the arts, color, architecture and all things beautiful, and gave birth to her own firm: RLB Designs where she specialize in residential and commercial spaces.


Robin continue to take courses to keep up and have knowledge of the ongoing trends in Interior Design. She stays committed to introducing people to an entirely new and exciting side of design, a side where rules can be broken and spaces are turmed into comfortable,sexy and vibrant areas in the home.

Robin believes that Interior Design is art we live our lives in and truly love turning her clients "Visions into Reality".