Easy Steps to Design Your Dream Home

Congratulations! You just purchased the home of your dreams. Whether brand new or previously owned it's your dream home. So you put your brand new key on your favorite key chain and for the first time you use that key to open the door to a place you dreamed about for quite some time.

Happy Butterflies are dancing in your belly because you have a beautiful home to decorate. Then a cloud of overwhelmed happens, and to your memory comes all those beautiful model homes you saw. Then finally the only thing you want to know is, "How can I make my home look like all those beautiful models I saw"?

Well release yourself from being overwhelmed and check out my "No Fail Steps" to creating a beautiful home that fit your style.

Step 1: Make sure to request a floor plan of your home with all the dimensions for each room. If it’s not available, measure the length, width, and height of each space.

*Note: This is a necessary and important step that will save you a lot of money because you'll know and not guess that the sofa you have your eye on is either too big or too small for the space in question

Step 2: Inspiration! Save a folder on your computer and give it a name that will inspire you to click on it each day. Start filling that folder with furniture, fabrics, lighting, paint, accessories and photos of rooms that you love.

Now the fun starts!! Please don't spend any money on software to create your masterpiece. Publisher or PowerPoint works and is easy to move your images around.

1. Start by naming the first page for ex: My Model Home" and each page after name the space ex: “Office Project" and so forth.

2. After you create each page start adding objects from your folder of what you would like to see in each space.

3. Once everything is in place it will give you a view of what your room can look like before you go on a purchasing spree.

4. After you’re happy with the items you want in that space, purchase some brown packing paper and blue tape from your local DIY store and make templets by using the dimensions of the furniture. I know it's you're probably saying "this is a lot of work, but just think about doing it right the first time. It's also a great way to see how the items will look in your space and how you want to place it before you make any purchases.

*Note: Please make sure on all of your saved furniture, lighting, and accessories like artwork, the dimensions are noted. Also make sure the item is not discontinued and the color you desire is available.

Example of  a room

Step 3: After you are happy with your choices and how everything is placed its time to shop!! Please shop smart remember this is your dream home, never be in a rush. Operative Words YOUR DREAM HOME, not your family or friends house, so the only people that truly should be in love with your home are the people that live there. Take your time and enjoy the process.

Final Words: Through it all enjoy the process and turn your home from your vision to a reality.

Until next time.

About: Robin L Bishop

I'm a Wife and Mom first who love God, Family, and of course what I do for a living my gift of Design.

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