From Tarnished back to a Treasure

As we know everything deserves a second chance.

I love finding items that people throw out or give away. My item I would like to share with you is a tarnished silver serving tray that I found at the Salvation Army. It was so tarnished and rusty, it looked as if it was time to throw it in the trash. Well the Salvation Army and I knew it deserved a second chance and I'm so glad I chose it. Now it's a part of my entertainment collection. Check out what became of it.

As you can see the tray is tarnished and rusty.

These are the products I used to bring it back to life. They were purchased at lowes

I used two items to bring it back to life. Tarn-X and Brasso. I purchased the products from Lowes

It took a while to bring it back but so worth it. I did the work outside in my garage where it's ventilated. The products are strong so work somewhere where you have ventilation and please where gloves.

This is why they say Hard work pays off!! :-)

Now it's time to serve yourself for all the hard work and of course share with your family.

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