Fear of baking Vegan Desserts

The intimidation for me was real when it came down to baking my own Vegan desserts! In the past I googled vegan cookies or cakes and the recipes called for things I never heard of.

With determination and my list in tow I accepted the mission to go out and purchase all the items I needed, but by the second item I would get overwhelmed, leave the store and take a 20-minute drive to my local Vegan dessert spot.

I love going to this place because everyone is so sweet. The aroma and beauty of all the desserts make me smile, but that smile turn into a slight frown when it’s time to pay. One cookie cost $4, a slice of cake $6 and so on.

After paying for my beautifully packaged desserts, I got in my car and said “enough is enough you have to be strong and not let ingredients intimidate you”. So back to the google search I go and finally I found a recipe that made since to a beginner baker like myself. All the ingredients were familiar so on to the grocery store I went and purchased everything I needed.

I spent about $25 and had enough ingredients to make cookies for myself and to share with others. This made me so happy and all the fear of baking went out the window. I felt like superwoman baking my cookies, and the outcome was amazing. They reminded me of my local Vegan dessert spot and the response from my family and friends were Vegan Dessert Approved.

The recipe I used was from itdoesnottastelikechicken.com. Type in Vegan Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies. I added pecans in my mix, just to make it my own.

The lesson I learned is simple “Don’t allow fear to deter you from being creative and saving money

Until Next time J

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